Widehall Design. About us.

Over 10 years in book design & publishing.

Who’s behind Widehall? 

Jon Roemer is the principal at Widehall. All work produced by Widehall is reviewed by Jon. The covers you see on this site were designed or art directed by Jon in his other role, as founder of Outpost19 Books, an award-winning publisher of fiction and nonfiction books.

Can Widehall publish your book? 

Widehall isn’t a publisher. But if you’re frustrated or confused by your self-publishing options, we can help get your book into Amazon, Barnes & Noble and indie booksellers.

What are Widehall’s design principles? 

Here’s a few…

  • No templates. Every book is unique.
  • Simplify and simplify. That’s how you get more focus.
  • Don’t ignore the title. (You’d be surprised how many times…)
  • Choose a tone. A cover can’t say everything.
  • Typography can be powerful. Use it responsibly.
  • Design shouldn’t be rushed. Unless you’re in a rush.

Why the step-by-step process?  

It’s based on years of publishing experience and more years leading other creative teams. Our Start Form is too: it’s an informed starting point, where you define your book’s tone and point to books you should think yours should resemble. Step by step, you have a chance to reflect, pause and change directions, if you want. So you’re more confident about the results in the end.

More questions?  

Email Jon Roemer at jon@widehall.com.

Your book. Your style. Your pace. Your adventure.

Let’s get started.