Widehall Design. Pricing.

It’s step-by-step. You can stop any time. Back up or charge ahead as you like. So the process is low-risk and you’re always in control.

For covers

You’ll pay as you go, incrementally. So no surprises.

steps one & two: $400 for 3 concepts

step three: $400 to refine 2 concepts

step four: $400 to revise and polish, delivering final print-ready files

Pause or stop any time. At every step, you’ll own all the work. If we use licensed elements, we’ll be clear about fees and options.

For interiors

It depends on your page count.

$100 for every 50 pages in your layout, including title, copyright and acknowledgment pages.

We’ll use industry-standard type treatments optimized for readers. If you’re designing a cover with Widehall, we’ll also incorporate elements from your cover on the pages at the front of the book.

For everything else

Plug into expert extras. Add these services a la cart:

  • Last-mile proofreading
  • Short run or POD printing, from 1 copy to thousands
  • ISBNs and copyright protection
  • Distribution guidance
  • Ebook production
  • Promotional elements, like ads, videos or posts

Add these any time. Use the work we create at Widehall. Or use your own files. We’re here to help.

Watch Widehall in action!

Follow along on a step-by-step project.

Your book. Your style. Your pace. Your adventure.

Let’s get started.