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When the writing is done and you’re ready to self-publish, let’s tackle the next leg together, with the evocative cover and professional interior you need to get going.

Here’s our step-by-step process in action

For a popular book titled “Nothing Short Of: Selected Tales from 100 Word Story.”

Follow along!


Widehall Start Form completed!

The author described the book (“an anthology of flash fiction originally published online!”) and pointed to covers they loved!


We delivered 3 concepts.


The author chose 2. We refined both.


The author loved 1 and gave their feedback. So we gave it a final revision and polish!

Stand out online and on shelves

  • 10+ years in book design and publishing
  • Award-winning covers
  • Spotlighted by booksellers nationwide
  • Featured in major media, from the New York Times to Publishers Weekly

Any genre. Any tone. Almost!

  • Quirky, yes. Serious, yes. Humorous, yes. Dramatic, yes.
  • Memoirs, novels, short story collections, essay collections and poetry collections.
  • Love stories, personal stories, historical stories, true stories.
  • But some genres don’t work so well with our method, notably fantasy and sci-fi and children’s books. We’ll let you know up front!

How much can I control? It’s up to you. We’re ready with answers and creative ideas.

Trim size? Choose your dimensions. Or ask our advice.

Colors? Fonts? Let’s look at trends. And the covers you like.

How long does it take? We can go fast or slow. Press hard over a week and make it happen. Or mull it over, let it sink in and move forward when you’re ready. You set the pace, based on your review and feedback time.

Can Widehall use your artwork? Sure! If you’ve already started, we can polish, adapt or just apply your design. Or we can do a fresh cover, featuring your illustrations or photography. We’ll always adjust pricing accordingly.

What about the interior? We need an accurate page count to deliver a cover you can use. So, if you already have one, we can use your interior layout, or we’ll lay out your interior for you.

What about everything else?

Plug into expert extras. Add these services, a la cart:

  • Last-mile proofreading
  • Short run or POD printing, from 1 copy to thousands
  • ISBNs and copyright protection
  • Distribution guidance
  • Ebook production
  • Promotional elements, like ads, videos or posts

Add these any time. Sign up for extras during the design process. Or contract them from the start. Even use your own files and work.

Widehall isn’t a publisher. But if you need help navigating the self-publishing ropes, we can do that and help you get your book onto Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

What’s the pricing?

It’s step by step too. Check it out.

“Design projects are too messy, too intuitive and too subjective.”

That’s why we break it down. We ask questions up front. You go step by step. You set the tone, and we make it happen.

What if you’re not happy? Put the brakes on. Take the work done with Widehall and start looking for better answers. Adventure on!

Your book. Your style. Your pace. Your adventure.

Let’s get started.

Fill out our Start Form. No commitment, no worries.

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